The Mesa: Celebrity Enclave

image006WITHOUT A DOUBT, The Mesa is one of the most beautiful, eclectic and historic neighborhoods in Palm Springs.  Located on South Palm Canyon, this community is close to nature, while at the same time is close to town.  The community is located at the base of San Jacinto which offers protection from the desert winds and incredible views.  Its scenic streets and paths are ideal for dog walking, cycling and hiking. The Mesa is an ungated neighborhood of about 180 homes.  A mixture of several different architectural styles, such as Old Spanish Pueblo, Mid-Century Modern, Ranch style, Mediterranean from small to mansion, as well as ultra-modern contemporary. Overall, it’s a delightful mix of small homes all the way to large, walled estates. Mesa property prices range from about $600,000 to $12-million. Many of its earliest homes were built in the 1930s and 1940s.  Over the years many homes were built by notables such as King Gillette (shaving razors), George Jessel, George Montgomery and Jolie Gabor (mother to Zsa Zsa, Eva and Magda).  Modern day residents have included Sonny and Mary Bono, Barry Manilow, Joseph Cotton, Robert Wagner and Herman Wouk. Neighbors fairly well sum it all up when they tell you, “For all its history and celebrity, The Mesa’s best feature is its sense of community.”
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